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Harley Reagan Carter, 12 years old, 3/3/02, Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, 5 siblings, 7th grade, Bardstown Elementary School, loved her cell phone, beautiful, smart, loved to make others laugh, could be a drama queen at times (typical 12 year old behavior), I always joked with her that I should tattoo “I want” on her forehead because I heard it so much. She loved breakfast food (cinnamon rolls, powdered donuts, cereal, Toaster Strudel) and could eat it for all meals. Enjoyed making Youtube videos. Was looking forward to Christmas, had made a special webpage of her Christmas list. Would sing in the shower. Loved to go to the beach but hated to be in the ocean because of fear of sharks and hated the feeling of sand. Never had her cell phone far from her. Would try sports, but was just not too athletic (takes after her mom). When she was little, she always wanted to be a cook, until she became a picky eater. Then it changed to wanting to be a lawyer, because she could definitely argue. She was a daddy’s girl and  momma’s girl- tomboy around daddy, girly-girl around mom. Loved fixing her hair and would spend hours in front of the mirror. Wanted name brand clothes- Abercrombie, Hollister, Under Armor. Loved her black Chuck Taylors (Converse). Had just started to warm up to the idea of being a big sister. Was popular and had lots of friends. But wanted everyone to like her. No signs of depression or mental health issues. Typical 12 year old girl. But ONE impulsive act changed everything.



Reagan’s Bucket List….She had so many dreams!!

imagejpeg_3 (1) imagejpeg_2_2 (1)

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